Nutritional Balancing Retreat


Conscious Living Nutritional Balancing center of Chiang Mai, Thailand is has facilities to help improve overall health and spiritual awareness through education of the principles and practices of Nutritional Balancing Science, as started by Dr Paul Eck and continued by Dr. Lawrence Wilson. The center will serve as a prototype retreat for practitioners of Nutritional Balancing Science. The center will also provide busy practitioners with an opportunity to concentrate on their practices in a serene setting.  For more details, please go to

Meditation Teacher Training


Intensive training on conducting meditation retreats to students both individually and in groups. The outcome is to be capable of leading group retreats and private lessons in which satisfactory results are assured. This course includes participation in training camps at a renowned meditation center in Thailand.

Power of Numbers


The aim is to analyze what patterns lie hidden behind numbers in our lives such as our birthday, telephone number, etc.  One would be surprised to know the secret of numbers can reveal a life map and consideration for future activities.  For more information, contact

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